Skin cancer dysplastic nevus

Skin Cancer

All skin cancers are potentially treatable if diagnosed at an early stage. 
Unfortunately, over 12,000 deaths occur per year in the US due to skin cancer not being treated in time. One reason may be that it is difficult to quickly get an appointment with a dermatologist within a reasonable distance. It can also be difficult to keep track of all the new spots that appear on the body over the years. 
If you notice any changes in the skin that bother you, have a doctor check them out as soon as possible.










Skin cancer Squamous cell carcinoma




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Skin cancer Basalioma


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Which spots and skin changes should prompt a visit to the doctor?

Any change in a mole including an increase in size, change of shape or color should be examined by a specialist. Be especially aware of new pigmentation changes and dots that appear after age 50.


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