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children's skin conditions

Skin Conditions in Children

Does your child have an unusual rash or spot? Children are the susceptible to developing dozens of rashes. The majority of these rashes go away, but many require treatment. Ask a dermatologist to find out more.

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iDoc24 PRO

For Healthcare Professionals

Interested in integrating iDoc24 into your practice to get faster second opinions and quicker referrals for your patients? Ask our dermatologists with iDoc24 PRO

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intimate skin conditions

Intimate Skin Problems

Have an intimate skin problem? It could be a simple rash or a sexually transmitted disease. Have our dermatologist take a look to get information faster.

Skin Cancer
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skin cancer

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, killing tens of thousands every year, and rising. If you are concerned about a potential skin cancer, ask our dermatologists - they know what to watch out for.

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The BEST online Dermatologists ★★★★★

"If you want a fast response to your skin condition, this is the app for you. The dermatologists are credible and quick. No more waiting 6 months to see a dermatologist…this app gets you a response you can understand in 24 hours. An awesome innovation, we need more apps like this."

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Great app, solid and fast advice! ★★★★★

"I received a reassuring and detailed reply within a couple of hours from a respected dermatologist. I got confirmation of the diagnosis from a family doctor and the advice I received from this app was spot on."

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